How to Create a Strong Logo/Brand Identity

There are different factors that would affect this. The most important one is how much money you can invest in branding exercises. I’m assuming that when you say “startup,” you mean an organization that is started with little to no capital investment but with some extremely committed founders. First off, give some thought to what the startup is about. What industry does it belong to? What personality will future employees have? Who are your clients? Who are the people you will be interacting with in your clients’ organizations? More importantly, who are your customers? How do they behave? What is their personality? How do you want them to perceive your startup? Lastly, what is your promise to all these stakeholders? Once you start addressing these questions, similar ones will pop up. Once all these questions are answered, you will have your basic “identity” in place. If you have friends or know people in the branding world, get their opinion. From what I’ve experienced, people do want to support startups and extend help where they can. The next thing you need to do is create this identity, communicate it, and build it over time. Spend time naming the startup. Sometimes the…




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